We are passionate about the city of Rio, of its natural beauty and warm people. We are adventurous in our search for the perfect sunset.

We are located in the small fishing village of ‘Barra de Guaratiba’ some 50 kilometres west of the popular Rio tourist area of ‘Zona Sul’. Our Hostel sits hidden away on the side of a hill at the base of the hiking trail leading to ‘Pedra do Telegrafo’.

The site is 6000 M.sq, surrounded by lush Atlantic rainforest and offers guests splendid poolside views of Guaratiba Bay (Barra de Guaratiba) which expand out beyond the accompanying mangrove tree wetlands to the hills of Capoeira Grande parklands. Whether it’s a clear blue sky day or a tropical thunder storm, the views are always spectacular.

Guests can relax in the pool or enjoy a drink out our pool side bar where it is not uncommon to see Monkeys, Lizards, Hummingbirds and an array of colourful butterflies. You can let the mind wander and get an idea of how the area might have looked before European arrival some 500 years ago.

Whilst living and working in such a place it’s difficult not to feel a large sense of appreciation and respect for nature and the environment and we feel it’s part of our responsibility to look after and preserve the place as best we can. Our Hostel aims to be as sustainable and self-sufficient as possible and to incur minimal impact on the local surroundings.

Some initiatives we plan to put in place are as follows: Solar power, use of rain water and recycling shower water, local composting to reduce waste and enrich the soil, use of certified timbers, recycling of waste products when possible, organic vegetable and herb gardens.